About Us

The company was started sometime in the 1880s by J.J. McArdle, in the Primrose Hill area of Armagh. It moved to Thomas Street in the early 1900s, where it still is today. After J.J. died the business moved to his sons Hugh and Patrick. Hugh’s son Gerald and his wife Patricia took over the running of the business during the 1970s and then in the late 1990s it was handed over to their children. Hugo McArdle still runs the business today.

In today’s modern age we continue to achieve a traditional yet effective funeral for all the people of the Armagh and surrounding area. We know that people expect a certain level of professionalism and expertise from ourselves and so we continue to educate all our staff. This means that everyone will be assured of the same degree of proficiency by all our staff. Our premises were completely renovated within the last ten years and now consist of a modern funeral home, offices, coffin showroom and toilet facilities. Our embalming theatre is situated in our own grounds, ensuring complete privacy at all times.

We are members of both the Irish Association of Funeral Directors and the National Association of Funeral Directors and also the British Institute of Embalmers. We strive to adhere to the codes of practice set out by these organisations. It is our aim to relieve families of further stress and worry at this time. We hope that this booklet will be of help to you and your family and remember that we are always here to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Hugo McArdle


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